At 23 years old Kristel Kruustük who quit her job as a QA tester, entered the world's largest hackathon AngelHack, took home first place and used the prize money to found her company Testlio. Fast forward four years and Testlio now handles QA for world-class companies like Lyft, Salesforce,, and Microsoft who are all competing to provide the best user experience. Kristel has grown Testlio's revenue 22-fold in the past 28 months and last year she announced their $6.25M Series A while expanding their position in the $943B IT services industry.


Estimated at 10% of the entire world’s GDP, agriculture is the one issue that affects every person on the planet. Despite significant improvements in farming, the lack of food is the primary cause of instability in the world (see VenezuelaEgypt, and the Arab Spring). For the last thirty years the food industry has been stuck in neutral. Farmers aren't growing more per acre-- yields have been mostly flat since the 90s. Then add in droughts, fires, floods, and other climate change effects. Agriculture is in need of a huge leap forward.

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Companies collect data on just about everything their customers do - from what was clicked in the newsletter to products viewed on a website to the last in-app purchase. And since those actions occur in any number of ways that data is largely unusable; fragmented across dozens of platforms with varying degrees of interoperability. The holy grail of marketing - right message, right person, right time - relies on being able to make use of that data in real-time.

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